I Dont Sleep


Just a lot of jumping from dream to dream without introductions or epilogues. Long corridors of schools rolling out into the distance, in true Alice in Wonderland style. Being late for math classes. Teachers that I never knew, shaking their fingers at me. Chalkboards, grades and detention.And then the shower starts up in the bathroom. The early-rising roommate. Math classes evaporate and I’m in charge of my own destiny again – just like that. Time to turn around and try sleeping without dreams.

Back in real life, it’s that time of the month again. Not that one. The one where you sit down and brainstorm about rent. You think it’s the 31st, and judging you have another whole day, you decide not to worry too much about it. Then, that afternoon, you of course realize it’s the first. But at that point you’re fucked anyway, so why start worrying? It’s amazing, how stress-free you can live, dangling at the end of the food-chain. How easy it is to keep yourself well clothed without money. How easy to be hungry without being pregnant, happy and sad without causes, and industrial without a clue of what you’re doing.

Sep 7, 2005